Sunday, February 01, 2015

Thoughts on Everything ... But the Game Itself

The penultimate Super Bowl column is one The CHB could have written in his sleep -- and probably did.

A recap of the events of the past two weeks, including the requisite nod toward ex Pats coach Pete Carroll (and -- who else? -- Bob Kraft), Spygate, David Tyree, Deflategate, and whether the Patriots are cheaters. Oh, and the "L" word: Legacy, as if winning three Super Bowls would somehow be diminished if they fail to capture a fourth. (Keep in mind that Tom Brady is the only Patriot remaining who was on that first Lombardi Trophy winner.)

How much of this has anything to do with tonight's game? Zero, zip, nil. But that's also what The CHB knows about football, and he has to fill his column with something, so as long as the Globe pays him for shit, where's the incentive to produce anything else?

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