Monday, February 16, 2015

DHL Dan XXXIX - The Shift Is On

The first column from Shank in nearly two weeks is the Picked Up Pieces column. You can save yourself some time and look at Shank's Twitter account during the same timespan - a good number of his 'pieces' can be found there.

That's how you mail it in, folks!


Anonymous said...

I counted 4 negative Patriots comments, two more that were borderline negative Pats comments, and no positive comments about the Patriots remarkable Super Bowl victory only 2 weeks ago now. The whole column is negative (Olympics, Larry L, Carmelo Anthony, etc) and then a ridiculous comment about the great Marvin Gaye's fantastic All Star game anthem. "If you were there"? who from the Globe audience would have gone to an NBA all star game in Los Angeles? What true sports fan would go anyway, since it's a ridiculous excuse for a basketball game--if you watched any of last night's game you can see what I mean--but the worst part is that it is a fantastic rendition of the song and most of us know it because we may have watched it on TV, and if not we have all gone on Youtube to watch it since. Howevver, asswipe Shank has just ruined that memory for me too by giving it praise. It must have killed him to not write in front of it something like ..."despite being a drug addict and womanizer who was killed by his own father" or words to that effect. Shank just sucks, there's no other was to put it.

Dave in Groton

ObjectiveBruce said...

Another very good Shaughnessy column, once again breaking a major story on the potential end to the Lucchino dominance of the Red Sox front office.

Pay no attention to the mom's basement crowd who add up comments they see as "negative," and complained that he's not enough of a sycophant.

mike_b1 said...

Too bad some of us have been paying attention, even if OB hasn't.

The CHB has had a bulls-eye on Lucchino's back ever since Theo returned to the Sox and Lucchino, exposed as the leaker, stopped taking Shank's calls. Go back to 2012 and you'll see The CHB bitching that LL was guilty of a "ridiculous spin" and that he "simply cannot just tell the truth." Over the last couple years, Shank keeps trying to gain traction with the canard that Lucchino didn't have a contract.

But keep trying, OB! Even the deaf, dumb and blind squirrel sometimes finds an acorn.