Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Early Lump Of Coal

"Let's see... five columns in the past two weeks... can't rag on Bill Belichick, too obvious... Can't do a whole column about Mike Napoli, Shane Victorino or other recent Red Sox news; that's too much work... Gotta get something out there...

I got it! I'll do another picked up peices column! Brilliant!"
Picked-up pieces while waiting for the Patriots to defer after they win the coin toss Monday night . . .
Where have we heard the coin toss line before?
All that said, Miller’s contribution to baseball’s plague of the late 1990s (and beyond) — a.k.a. “the steroid era” — cannot be understated. Nobody fought drug testing harder than Miller. In his view, it was a violation of civil liberties. Most important, it was a bargaining chip (Miller also had some kooky Bill James-like ideas that there was nothing wrong with PEDs). Miller’s place in sports history is eternal, but he gets a big slice of the blame pie for the steroids mess.
How about baseball writers and sports columnists that didn't write jack shit about it the whole time? Using that logic, don't you guys get the rest of the 'blame pie'?
I love the Red Sox’ acquisition of Mike Napoli, but like a lot of Sox watchers of a certain age, the rhetoric around the new slugger reminds me of the Danny Cater deal. A legendary “Fenway hitter” and Sox killer, Cater was acquired by the Sox for lefthanded reliever Sparky Lyle after the 1971 season. Over three seasons in Boston, Cater hit .262, averaging 5 homers and 27 RBIs. Lyle went on to win the Cy Young Award for the 1977 Yankees.
You heard it here first - Napoli will be the next Carl Crawford.
Sports Illustrated’s magazine sales will not spike in Cleveland when they see LeBron James on the cover as “Sportsman of the Year.’’
Way to go out on a limb there...
How’s this for obscenity? Head football coaching changes at five SEC schools — Mississippi, Texas A&M, Auburn, Kentucky, and Tennessee — will cost an aggregate $26.85 million in buyout payments. Auburn, which has dumped two coaches since 2008, is on the hook for more than $12 million. This is another reason I’m proud that I don’t live in a big-time college football town. Take that, Brother Ryan.
First off - why should Shank care what a school does with its money? Second, Shank loves to remind people that Boston's not a big-time college football town unless it suits his purposes.

Read the rest, if you dare.


Mr. Beautiful said...

Dude, I totally agree---Shank is an idiot. But you know what? All sports writers are idiots. Case in point. It seems the idiot sports writers of America learned a new word this year: Tryptophan. I guess it's taken until 2012 to learn how to spell it, but this year at Thanksgiving, every two-bit sports writer hack in America was throwing that word around as though they fancied themselves scientists, or pundits, or something. Predictably, Shank joined right in. How original. Look, I appreciate your efforts at showing us just how much of an idiot Shank is (and I do read and enjoy your blog), but isn't this like shooting fish in a barrel? Sports writers are idiots! Shank is an idiot!

Roger Bournival said...

But I like shooting fish in a barrel!