Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Head in the Air

For at least the fourth time in the past month (and who knows how many more on the vomit-inducing Dan Shaughnessy Show?), The CHB determines that wins and losses in the NFL come down to who wins the opening coin flip.


Then he contradicts himself within almost successive paragraphs, first writing

"[The 49ers] ignored the league-wide memo that urges all Patriot opponents to wet their pants at the sight of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. They did not forget everything they knew. They did not do stupid things...."

And following that with

"The plain truth is the Niners could have led, 44-3 when it was 31-3. They fumbled inside the Patriot 10. Colin Kaepernick overthrew one of his receivers who had beaten the coverage. They missed a 39-yard field goal."

Oh yes, and whining about fawning fanboys and proclaiming he's the only guy in town who looks at the Patriots objectively, he reiterates his preseason prediction that the Pats are Super Bowl bound.



Roger Bournival said...

So, slamming the Patriots & coach Belichick for over three months, then jumping on the bandwagon and licking their balls for ten days is his definition of 'objective'? Just like that other Globe employee (at heart) and former DSW commenter who fancies himself as 'objective'...

Monkeesfan said...

I guess I didn't miss anything with Shank's weekly date on Gresh & Zolak. He was for that the coin toss determined the outcome before he was against it.

BTW, did Shank predict a 1986 Jets-Dolphins-style shootout for this Pats-Niners gunfight? After all he was patting himself on the back for calling the Houston massacre beforehand.