Monday, December 03, 2012

Flipping over the Pats

Yesterday the CHB called the AFC East "lame-o" and said the contest pitting the Patriots and the Dolphins would be over at the coin flip.

Today he says he says we take the Patriots for granted. "We are spoiled. A win, even when it clinches a division title/playoff spot, isn’t good enough anymore."

At least he dragged himself away from the buffet and free beer long enough to change his mind on that, because the rest of the piece is a cut-and-paste from Sunday's column.

Oh, the life of the flipper.

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Roger Bournival said...

And, as always, it's 'we' when the Patriots are on a winning streak; it will be 'your New England Patriots' should the Patriots lose to the Texans and / or the 49ers in the next two weeks.

My only surprise is that Shank doesn't break his ankles more frequently jumping on and off the bandwagon as often as he does.