Monday, November 26, 2012

You're Fired!

After four years on the job and this season's 2 - 10 record, Boston College football coach Frank Spaziani gets shitcanned. Shank takes the predictable parochial route while pretending to care about the former coach.
We are old people who mail handwritten letters and make phone calls while the rest of the world sends e-mails and texts.
Correction - you are an old person using snail mail and rotary phones, so speak for yourself.
We are English-speaking tourists, dropped into a city square in Sicily, trying to understand what everyone is saying. We are sports-crazed Bostonians, blissfully unaware why the rest of the country makes such a big deal out of college football. Boston College, the only Division 1 program in Greater Boston, fired its football coach on Sunday. After four disappointing seasons, bottoming out with this year’s 2-10 bomb, Frank Spaziani was relieved of his duties by new athletic director Brad Bates.
This one's buried behind the Great Globe Paywall, so my guess is that we're not missing much...

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