Sunday, August 05, 2012

Speaking Of Nothing New

Shank takes his bi-weekly piss on the Boston Red Sox.
Red Sox owners got back from the Olympics on Saturday.

As part of the ongoing effort to assist our former business partners (alas, the New York Times Co. no longer owns 17 percent of the fabled franchise), here’s what the Sox bosses missed while they were overseeing their all-important LeBron James investment in London:

They missed another week of dead-ass, .500 baseball. They missed three straight losses to the Tigers and Twins. They missed Friday night, when the tin soldiers of Fenway held a 5-1 lead over the moribund Twins, then lost 6-5, in 10, falling below .500 yet again.
At least Shank has a new cliche! Can't wait to read it fifty more times over the next two months.
They missed a chance to trade Adrian Gonzalez to the Dodgers for a bunch of players who could help build for the future in Boston. The Dodgers really wanted Gonzo and I’m thinking the Sox could learn to live without him just as they learned to live without Nick Esasky.
Yes, they could do a trade to help the team, even though Shank said the opposite just six days ago. And do you remember when Shank had a embarrassing man crush on Gonzo? Seems like only yesterday...

The rest of the column is just Shank piling on, missing few targets.

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mike_b1 said...

As usual, Shaughnessy inflated the facts in pursuit of his "point."

Per Peter Gammons (a writer who actually, you know, follows baseball), the Dodgers offered neither "prospects nor major leaguers" for Gonzalez.