Monday, August 27, 2012

And Now For More Boston Globe Bashing - XIV

Unconfirmed reports have Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi being suspended for plagiarizing a column (first reported at Free Republic; original quoted article below is unmistakably Howie Carr):
On Aug. 15, GOP political columnist Todd Domke wrote on a WBUR blog that Vice President Joe Biden should apologize for his “chains” remarks. Two days later, in an unsigned editorial, Vennochi wrote, well, basically the same thing.

The bow-tied bumkissers have refused to release the name of their latest scofflaw in the tradition of Mike Barnicle, Patricia X. Smith, Jayson Blair and a host of other Globe pipe artists and journalistic grifters.

But multiple sources have confirmed that the latest member of the Globe Hall of Shame is Vennochi … [Vennochi] did not return several phone calls and an email over the weekend seeking comment on her suspension.
Imagine that - a Globie suspended for plagiarism by ripping off an article about... another plagairist. This article, rich in irony!

Along with radio silence at the Globe on this matter, it's more or less why it's unconfirmed at this point. I'll pile on as this develops.


ObjectiveBruce said...

The admitted tax scofflaw Carr regularly recycles comments from listeners to his radio show, but the Herald routinely ignores it.

Does this mean Fox News and the Herald are being oh-so-ethical when they repeat the sweet nothings the right wing spin patrol whisper in their ears?

And when will the oh-so-ethical Carr and the oh-so-ethical Herald write the Romney-connected story everybody at the doomed tabloid knows but won't talk about

Roger Bournival said...

Hey, dickhead - maybe you heard me call into Howie's show last month - "remember Syd Rose?" I worked at the Mass. Department of Revenue from 1988 to 1992. I sat four desks away in the field audit division from Syd Rose, who was the assclown who tried to audit Howie, an audit which by the way resulted in no additional taxes owed to the Commonwealth of Mass. Until you provide the details, shut your massively uninformed piehole, unless...

Perhaps you could educate us on what, specifially, makes Howie an 'admitted' tax scofflaw, as opposed to honest Democrats like Tim Geithner, John Kerry, Tom Daschle, Linda Solis, Charles Rangel, or what bullshit story you're alluding to in that last paragraph. I've never heard it, unless you're lying through your teeth again.

Just don't fucking bore me, or you're getting outed so bad I hope you'll be forced to quit that cushy job at, let's just call it the 'Commonwealth' for now; details sure to follow.

Try me...

Roger Bournival said...

...and Bruce - why are you still using Windows XP?