Sunday, April 03, 2011

Silver Lining, Dark Cloud

Shank still has a mean man crush on Yo! Adrian Gonzalez:
ARLINGTON, Texas — There was only one Ted Williams. Nobody else gets to be Ted.

So let’s not get all “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu’’ and try to make Adrian Gonzalez out to be the next Ted Williams. Gonzalez still hasn’t played a game in his Red Sox home white uniform, and he’s not going to hit .400, and he’s not going to fly 39 combat missions over Korea.

But two games into his Boston baseball career, Gonzalez looks like one terrific hitter (three more hits in last night’s dreadful, 12-5 loss) and he’s got some things in common with the greatest hitter who ever lived.
Overall, it's another decent column by Shank, and we see a sign of a future column if the Sox lose a few more games:
The sky is falling on the Red Sox at this hour. But try to remember it’s only two games. The season is not yet over and Gonzalez is the bright light in an otherwise awful two days in Texas. All you nattering nabos of negativity need to calm down and remember the good stuff. Watch Gonzalez and you’ll feel better.
What's a Shank column without a forty + year old Spiro Agnew reference, even if the misspelled 'nabos' got past the editors?

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