Monday, August 13, 2012

Ripped to Shreds

When the 800mg Tylenol capsules can't fix The CHB's alcohol-addled brain fast enough, he writes about ... nothing and calls it "Picked Up Pieces." Let's start the shredding!

"[Bob] Ryan came on board with the inimitable Peter Gammons in June of 1968 when the country was in shock over the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy."

As the New Yorker used to say, "Block that metaphor!"

"Count me as one who missed the memo that the Red Sox are allowing beer in the clubhouse on the road after games. ... Now we’re all supposed to shrug and say it’s no big deal that the beer is still there on the road?"

Yes. Because -- lo and behold -- based on their team record, alcohol (or the lack of it) apparently has had no effect on the Red Sox this season. Maybe some things in baseball come down to luck and timing after all. Who knew.

"Watch Bruce [Jenner] on Kardashian TV. The once-great Jenner is our male Joan Rivers."

So The CHB is saying he watches the Kardashians. What a shock. Probably where he gets most of his material.

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