Saturday, March 03, 2012

Shank Hearts Bobby V - I

I get the feeling you'll be reading more of these columns, at least until the first four game losing streak.
FORT MYERS, Fla. - It’s been two weeks in paradise watching Bobby Valentine and the “all new’’ Red Sox. I see the new drills and the subliminal video messages and the longer workouts and the smarter-than-everybody manager and I keep asking myself the same question . . .

How did the Red Sox win two World Series, average 93 wins per season, and make the playoffs five times when they were clearly such a chaotic, disorganized mess in spring training for the last eight years?
I don't know - maybe the author of columns like these could have spent some time on that subject and then write a column about it?

The rest of the column reads as part Theo & Tito bashing, partly some good points being raised (i.e., stress fundamentals, more clubhouse changes, etc.), and part revisionist history ("Yes, we were all fooled, and I'm just the Globe's supposed expert on the Red Sox, standing in the back of the room each and every time, and even I was fooled!").

Disingenuous schmuck.

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