Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Going Down

The Red Sox made some roster moves yesterday, including sending shortstop Jose Iglesias to the minors. Our Man Shank is on the scene:
FORT MYERS, Fla. - Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine came out of his office and poked his head into the Red Sox clubhouse at 9:13 Tuesday morning. The manager was looking for 22-year-old shortstop Jose Iglesias.

Time for a meeting.

In the NFL, they tell you, “Bring your playbook.’’
One minor quibble:
The demotion of Iglesias means that 31-year-old veteran Mike Aviles will open the season at shortstop for the Red Sox. The Aviles vs. Iglesias competition provided abundant speculation throughout the first five weeks of spring training.
And Shank didn't write a single god damned word about it for five weeks. Until now. Not that I'm saying he's lazy or anything...

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Monkeesfan said...

He didn't write about it until now? Damn, I was SO hoping for more Shank insight that ends up puffing up his favorite member of the ownership troika - you know, the only adult in that room?

Can't wait for whatever implosion happens so we can get the insights no one but Shank can provide.