Saturday, March 11, 2006

Memory Lapse

The CHB, failing memory and all, returns to Ft. Myers, Florida, and reports that during spring training "Nobody complains about anything."

Say what? Ever heard of John Valentin, or David Wells, or Carl Everett, or, ... ?
Heck, ever heard of Dan Shaughnessy, who on Feb. 22 bitched about Manny Ramirez's absence?

All in all, it's just a rehash of his Feb. 24, 2006, column.


Anonymous said...

Oh good lord. Even in what's supposed to be a benign column, the guy has to drop a dung bomb on *somebody* (Foulke, in this case.) It's like the guy just can't help himself.

objectivebruce said...

Another day, another problem with basic reading.

Think this phrase is important?

"I'm talking about the regular people here"

This may well be the bottom of a rather overripe barrel for this blog. I'm feeling much like Ali in the third round of the Cleveland Williams fight

The Chief said...

Bruce, you dumbass.

I'm beginning to wonder if you understand anything.