Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Redemption Tour

Shank offers a game recap of Jon Lester's first start of 2012, two innings of work against Northeastern's baseball squad.

My column recap - the Shank phrase of the year ("chicken and beer") makes two appearances in this column, Lester sounds sincere in wanting to make up for last year's September performance, and that's about it.
The comparisons with the previous administration (read: Francona as manager - ed) will not go away.
That's because Shank will make damn sure it will not go away, by mentioning it in every column, including hockey, basketball and football columns. Shank loves beating dead horses...
Today it will be Josh Beckett taking the mound against the Minnesota Twins as the Redemption Tour continues.
This article is tame compared to the one he's gonna write about Beckett tomorrow.

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