Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wally Pipp?

Shank's Wednesday Globe column takes up the debate between Red Sox shortstops Jed Lowrie & Marco Scutaro, allowing Shank to make the annual Wally Pipp reference.

Three decent, readable columns in a row by Shank, Jed Lowrie tearing it up - which streak ends first?

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Anonymous said...

To me Shank makes no sense. He states the following:

Scutaro = 35-year-old stopgap infielder, a career .267 hitter, playing with his sixth major league organization

Lowrie - is the 27-year-old utility guy who makes only $450,000

Both are – keep(ing) the seat warm for flossy Jose Iglesias, the 21-year-old phenom

So, as a fan it seems obvious that it’s up to Francona to manage the situation by trying to understand who is a better fit on a particular day. But Shank wants to manage.

Shank has been very consistent over the years in running all the Sox shortstops out of town … especially if they weren’t of WASP origin. He has been on the Lowrie bandwagon for years.

Lowrie is a nice guy but he is not the dynamo the Sox need. The current makeup of the Sox yawns with redundancy and lacks punch.

Lowrie isn’t the solution but Shank thinks better … or so he thinks … redundantly.