Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shiny Happy Shank

He does seem happier and a better writer of columns when others are miserable...

Why does today's column seem like Shank's washing his hands a little bit?
Now what?

Can the Red Sox summon savior Yaz to throw out another first pitch? Drop Carl Crawford to ninth in the order? Or perhaps this would be a good time to sign Manny Ramirez to a one-day contract so he can tell us how much he loved it here and retire as a Red Sox.

Anything to take our eyes off this train-wreck start for the “Best Team Ever’’ — the one that was going to win 100 games and return to the World Series.
You were one of the people hyping this team, Shank.

And when a team is doing bad, whose team does Shank say it is?
..your Red Sox were the worst team in baseball.
And we are all deeply concerned about what's happening:
We are saddled with a sudden fear that everyone around here badly overrated the capability of the Boston mound corps.
Does 'we' and 'everyone' include Shank? Was that a rhetorical question?

Throw in a nonsensical mention of Kendrick Perkins and laying some blame on the hitters (as opposed to any sort of mea culpa), and it's a fishwrap.


Anonymous said...

He's the worst! I follow writers in several major league cities, and there is no one to compare to Shank/Skank in terms of sheer pandering nonsense and low-budget personal shots taken at the guys he "covers." There's that great line from "A League of Their Own" about how a certain umpire looks like a penis with a hat. Well....

Anonymous said...

I have come to an epiphany in dealing with the Ludicrous that is Shank ...if I ever read anything by Shank my message back to him will always say:

"I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said." William F. Buckley