Sunday, April 24, 2011

DHL Dan VIII, Returning To Form

Unable or unwilling to write something positive about Daisuke Matsuzaka and the Red Sox 5-0 win over the Angels Saturday night, Shank inflicts another picked up pieces column on us. In true Shaughnessy fashion, the vast majority of the column is negative in tone.

'Not to be negative, but...'? Check.

Red Sox 1918 World Series tainted? Check.

Take shots at Yo! Adrian Gonzalez, Saltalamacchia and Crawford? Check.

Continue to talk about the marginalization of Larry Lucchino & Tom Werner? Check.


x said...

And Dan with his fancy use of stats claiming Remy is a very good ball player since he hit .300 twice. Hey, I love the Rem Dawg. And liked his scrappy approach. Like a Pedroia Lite. Okay, maybe a Pedroia- Lite - Lite. But those .300 seasons were in 63 and 88 games. So don't really count as hitting .300 as a qualifier.

If Dan knew what OPS was he would have noted that Remy never had an OPS above 100.

I saw CHB at OAK Wednesday reading an old fashioned newspaper. It was classic. I wonder if he even knows the interned exists.

HeavyD said...

Only thing I liked about this one is that they buried it in the sports section. Even his editors knew that this crap wasn't fit for the front page!