Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can't Stand The Heat

I wonder where Shank got the idea for that column title, or am I reaching here?

Can’t stand the Heat
By Dan Shaughnessy
Globe Columnist / November 11, 2010

I am a Heat Hater.

Miami’s basketball team can’t lose enough games to make me happy. When I pass under a television in a crowded airport and see the score crawl, if the Heat are losing, I crack a big smile. I hope they lose ’em all.

The Celtics are in Miami tonight to play the third-place Heat.

The third-place Heat. Don’t you love it? I want them to be the Miami Clown Machine.

We are a couple of weeks into this historic NBA season, and the Heat own a 5-3 record, trailing the Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks in the vaunted Southeast Division of the NBA East. If the playoffs started today, the Heat would be the No. 4 seed, behind the Magic, Hawks and Celtics.
Naturally it's still early in the season, so things can and will change, but it's almost refreshing to see Shank dumping on a pro sports team located outside Massachusetts, if for mothing else as a reminder that there are occasional blue moons. Now fans in Florida will also be blessed with Shank's trademark thoughfulness ("I hope they lose ’em all"), forced '80's pop culture references ("Miami Clown Machine", wash / rinse / repeat), over the top judgements ("The Miami Frauds"), and his ability / desire to keep controversies burning ("Of course Riley wants another ring from the bench"), all of which basically killed the first half of the column.

Shank finishes strong when he gets around to looking at why Miami's overrated (i.e., by comparison with other championship teams), and I'll state again that as far as LeBron's asshattery when making & announcing "The Decision", I'm with Shank 110%. At least this article had the sense to make the necessary halftime adjustments...

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Anonymous said...

Roger, your praise for Shank is getting too hot to handle.

I am a Shank Smasher.

This “Can’t stand the Heat” article is putrid!

This Shank has no clue about being an athlete.

All he feeds us are common sense stats and innuendos to demonstrate to the audience that he is somehow “in the know.”

The Heat team will be a force this year. They have a lot of moving parts and unfortunately need time to redefine roles for Wade and Lebron. And it will help when they pick up a different point guard that can take playmaking duties away from Wade/LeBron.

As a a fan of basketball I’d like to see someone write about the X’s and O’s and key matchups, etc for this dynamic competition between C’s and Heat. I can get all the stats I need from the Web and I have plenty of opinions.

For exapmple, my opinion is the Heat are one point gaurd away from dominating.

Can we have some insight please from someone who can get into the kitchen?

Shank is Putrid! Putrid!