Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Something Slipped, All Right

Shank does the first of the annual Thanksgiving columns on local high school teams that 1) are designed to make you think that he's not a big an asshole as is amply demonstrated the rest of the year; 2) exhibit student - athletes overcoming adversity, low odds of success, yadda3.

In previous years these columns used to be a cut above his normal articles, but not this column, featuring Newton North's high school boy's soccer team, recently blessed with a $200 million school facility. It's something every teenager can relate to!

Perhaps in bad taste, I have to remark that this column reads like an obituary.


Newtonite said...

Yeah and even his daughter works there. That fat dyke

Anonymous said...

That is bad taste, Ucal McKenzie was a wonderful person who gave a lot for his chosen sport, his death at such a young age shocked the soccer world in Massachusetts and many have come together to celebrate his life and honor his memory through the foundation his wife set up. Shanks may be an asshole I don't disagree with you there but bringing attention to Ucal MzKenzie is not something to beat him with.