Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Two Papers In One!

Paper Number One:

It’s not often Belichick is beaten by a rookie quarterback (with a “Friday Night Lights’’ name of Colt McCoy).
Paper Number Two:

He's got the name of a guy from central casting.

Colt McCoy. Quarterback.

Perfect, isn't it? Right out of Friday Night Lights.

A guy named Colt McCoy was born to play quarterback. He was born to play quarterback for Texas. He was born to play quarterback in the National Football League.
Shank runs with the theme from there and delivers a good article on Colt McCoy. If you've seen him in college and especially this Sunday, you get the impression that McCoy is the real deal, although agreeing with Shank is, you know, awkward...


Anonymous said...

The only problem is that Shank missed the correct theme to the game story.

The game I watched was dominated by this kid named Peyton Hillis.

He had a total of 220 yards = 36 from 3 catches and 184 from 29 carries.

Ground production was the story of the game with a kid (Hillis) doing the grunt work. 29 carries is asking for a lot of punishment and the Quarterback Colt McCoy had nothing to do with those gains.

Shank instead chose to highlight the "Hollywood" theme. Talk about being blinded by the light.

Key play of the game happened on Cleveland’s first drive when Peyton Hillis leaps over the Patriots = that set the tone for the game.


mike_b1 said...

The self-plagiarizing continues. I don't expect the Globe to know any better, but I would hope SI has enough sense to realize what's going on here.

Monkeesfan said...

Though Hillis was the workhorse of the Browns win McCoy has shown enough poise to be taken seriously.

I've lost track - what was Shank saying about Sam Bradford after the Rams preseason win in Foxboro?