Monday, November 08, 2010

Stand By Your Man

Shank's column is, sure enough, about yesterday's loss to the Browns, mentioning (in no particular order) Fredo Corleone, Belichick, Mangini, the Sopranos and Bill Parcells. His mindset, for now, remains "In Bill We Trust"; the rest of the team, not so much:

Oddly enough, this horrible loss beautifully demonstrates how great Belichick has been this year. Through the first seven games of the season, he had this suspect group compiling the best record in the NFL. Truly amazing. We knew it was a house of cards. How often does the team with the best record in football rank 28th in total defense and 31st in pass defense? Even the hired hands from “The Big Show’’ and the WBZ All Suck-up gang knew this was not the best team in football. Still, it sounded good for the week that it lasted.

Now we all are back to reality. The Patriots are 6-2, tied with the Jets. Next week they are at Pittsburgh. Then they have the Colts at home. Suddenly the SS Patriot looks like a southbound cruise ship.
Like the New England weather, ask yourself this: don't like Shank's opinions? Just wait a column or two; it'll change.


Anonymous said...

"... he had this suspect group compiling the best record in the NFL ..."

So now Shank throws the payers under the bus.

Why the panic? Clearly this is not a type of team that can go undefeated, but they are competitve and can be entertaiing. What more can a fan want?

Why would any Patriot player ever open up to the Shank?

These flip-flopping Shank maneuvers are getting predictable and boring.


Monkeesfan said...

Oh, once the Patriots start winning again Shank may bring up that they're -

- allowing more than 20 points per game only once since Week Three (they renmain 23rd in fewest points allowed, a ranking inflated by the 82 points allowed in the first three games).

- are plus-5 in turnover differential.

- are second in points scored.

- he might even point out that for the most part this "suspect" group has beaten teams physically.

Just wait for the flippety-floppity to start from Shank once the Patriots get back on the winning train.