Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Picked Up Pieces Column

Shank treats us to the columnist's version of the mulligan. There are a few interesting tidbits, but it's more accurate to describe this particular column as 'something written after a Super Bowl hangover', including shots at Bill Belichick, Nomar Garciaparra, Kevin Garnett, and, yes, there's an Elvis sighting.

One nitpick - it's 'Baba O'Riley'. At least he didn't call it 'Teenage Wasteland'. Nice editing job, guys...


Monkeesfan said...

"It's a disgrace Marvin Miller isn't elected to the Hall Of Fame." Maybe what Miller did was wrong; did you think about that, Shank?

Gee, I wonder why people up here look at SB XLIV as yet another Peyton choke job?

Bill said...

Uh...Gene DeFilippo's son no longer coaches with the Jets.

Jets | Five coaches will not return next season
Mon, 25 Jan 2010 14:51:50 -0800

The Associated Press reports New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan said the contracts of assistant quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo, .......... will not be renewed.

Throw in the digs at Nomar and BB and it as to be expected - a waste of space.

Anonymous said...

I don't pick up his pieces.....didn't read it. ...remember, the best way to get back at these hacks is to NOT READ their crap.....They LOVE IT when you bash em', they HATE IT when you ignore em'

mike_b1 said...

All the CHB had to do was go back and review Nomar's comments about his approach to the media when he played here. Nomar was completely articulate about why he was a difficult subject, saying he recognized the press had a job to do, and that his stance did not make their job easier, but that makin their job easy wasn't his job. Instead, his job was to be a great baseball player.

Of course, The CHB writes the story he wants to write, regardless of how far from the truth it is. And asking The CHB to actually research a column is tantamount to asking the KKK to renounce hatred for minorities.