Sunday, February 07, 2010

Thicker Than Water

Shank pens a good article about the bloody obvious Archie Manning Angle, parents who want their kids to win the big games, even if it's against the parent's old team.


ObjectiveBruce said...


Anybody home?

So the Great Schill moved the blog that was supposed to revolutionize the free world by going "direct" to The People off of the sports station's Web site. It's not clear who decided the peripatetic ramblings of the erstwhile pitcher was no longer relevant to a sports site, but clearly it was a long time coming.

Rather than making the traditional media irrelevant, the Great Schill hasn't posted anything original about the Red Sox or baseball in almost eight weeks and his blog has turned into merely another in a blog world filled with ranting political screeds. Apparently the big lug is now an expert on environmental issues, too!

Recall Schilling referring to Shaughnessy and "his irrelevance on the Boston sports scene."

Who is irrelevant now?

Anonymous said...


Long time no listen to your spew, bunky.
Renee Loth says hi.

Your pal,