Monday, November 24, 2008

Recap Correct!

Dan has Matt Cassel becoming something else for the Patriots' offense. A solid look at his second great game in a row.

Unfortunately, it is littered with phrases that reveal Dan just trying too hard. There is a use of "the immortal" tag ("the immortal Billy Volek") that Dan has beaten to death. Dated song references ("The Patriots have been on a "Stayin' Alive Tour"; "Certainly the blossoming of Cassel is another brick in the wall of genius"). And just plain odd phrasing ("We're still seeing a lot of D and D"; "Early in the season, Cassel was unable to tap into the Moss Vault").



roger bournival said...

Stayin' Alive - I'm certain he's not talking about the Globe's ability to continue as a going concern...

Chris said...

With layoffs and red ink at his newspaper, did Dan REALLY need to actually go to Miami? Or was it just a 'nice, warm place to go and as elder statesman at the Globe, he DESERVED to go?' Belt-tightening should mandate that only the beat writers go on these trips and the columnists stay home. Dan got NOTHING that he couldn't have gotten at home. Yeah, I DO feel in a position to tell them how to run their business because they're clearly screwing it up themselves while blaming it all on 'the Internet.'