Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Everybody's Favorite

Today Dan has an edition of every hack columnist's fallback, the picked up pieces column.

For what it is, it is a pretty decent effort. Not many dated or obvious statements. I don't see what point there is in knowing who Larry Bird was rooting for six months ago, except for Dan to remind us that he knows Larry. And he ends it with a shot at soccer.

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Monkeesfan said...

Ah yes, gotta pick up the pick-up pieces piece.

Shank's gorilla suit reference forgot to mention the famous Don Martin "National Gorilla Suit Day" cartoon from '63. After all, 1963 is Shank's kind of time period.

Shank apparantly missed that David F-ing Tyree got put on IR.

Shank is upset the Garden Legends saloon doesn't have The Beatles and The Rolling Stones etched in since they played at the old Garden. Shank, you might as well add The Monkees since they played there in 1967, too.

Shank, you know the Patriots' history with the Broncos - creaming them was a big accomplishment for this club.

Shank, better re-read the Cold Hard Football Facts site again - I enjoy Pete Carroll, but USC is not as good as you think they are.

Nice hockey reference, Shank, and yes, the Boston Bruins have gotten off to a nice start. I'm still stewing over the Baby B's thrashings by the Chicago Wolves and Houston Aeros last week; hope to be at The Dunk (you ever been there, Shank? It has some of the old Garden's flavor and the best cheeseburgers anywhere) this Friday for the Baby B's rematch with the Chicago Wolves.

Give Shank credit for the shot at the Jets. Outside of Detroit, the Name-Your-City-Here Cardinals, and Cincinnati, the Jets may be the worst team in any level of pro football, and that includes the CIFL's New Jersey Revolution. I'm still dumbstruck that Brett Favre throws so many INTs yet is still the starter and the Jets are still winning.

Oh, now Shank suddenly notices that Tampa will host the Superbowl after being in the World Series - Shank, did you see the Bucs' Lombardi Trophy and the Lighting's Stanley Cup yet? How about the Storm's Arena Bowl trophies for good measure?

Give Shank credit also for the Alan Greenberg mention.