Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Good Piece

Dan has something special before Thanksgiving.


roger bournival said...

Look! Outside! It's a blue moon!

Chris said...

And look over there! It's Hell, and it's frozen over!

DryHeave said...

That's the kind of stuff he should stick to. He just doesn't have the right mentality (or knowledge) to write about Pro Sports.

Chris said...

"He just doesn't have the right mentality."

Which is why this fine web site exists in the first place.

Something strange happens to people when they get into journalism. Whether radio, print or TV, they just cease to exist as productive, quality human beings. It is a curious fact of nature, but a fact nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Dan almost always does a great job when he writes about high school sports.

It underscores yet again just how out of place he is in his current position.

You really have to wonder why the Globe uses him to cover the pros when clearly he is much better suited to the high school beat.

Anonymous said...

Will you also be starting a Tony Massarotti blog? Where the funk did they dredge this loser up from? Oh, that's right, I know, he was behind the bushes in the Fens proffering his other expert services. They haven't quite tapped into the mulatto lesbian quadrapalegic transsexual sports' junkie demographic yet, but they'll get there soon enough.