Sunday, September 07, 2008

Boston College's Old Freshman

Shaughnessy writes about Chris Crane, Boston College's 5th year freshman who led the Eagles to a frustrating loss yesterday. For the past four years, Crane has pretty much stayed on the sidelines as Matt Ryan has led BC. Crane get his real first shot as a started and did not have a good game. The article offers a fair recap and it was a reasonable angle for Shaughnessy to take.

There is one true Shankism when he writes, "Coach Jags can say it's not just one guy, but we know better." How ironic it is that Shaughnessy rails against his readership so often but then he employs the "we" technique as if he and the world are in perfect harmony and he is our spokesman.


roger bournival said...

Boston College's 5th year freshman

What's his real name, John Blutarsky?

Seven years of college down the drain!

Anonymous said...

I no like da Shanker

mike_b1 said...

It was the column that wasn't. Just a lazy, mail-it-in-so-I-can-get-to-the-watering-hole pile of tripe. It's the inevitable outcome when one combines poor writing skills and no sense of humor with a total lack of passion and intelligence.