Friday, June 30, 2006

How many game recaps do we need?

Sorry this is late, I was watching a thrilling match between Germany and Argentina (brother is currently running around the house in his Lukas Podolski jersey yelling his head off) and didn't feel like ruining my fun to read this junk.

Today, we learn that the Boston Red Sox are playing fairly well.

Really? Wow. I had no idea. ESPN has only told me approximately 8 million times that they have won 12 straight games and that they have some huge long errorless streak going. I've only, you know, watched all these wins, being a Sox fan. The Red Sox are looking good? Who would have guessed it?

Honestly, what is the point of this column? There really isn't much to say about it, because the game recap is right above it and contains pretty much the same information. So let's just leave it at that.


fadedredsoxhat said...

Dan should enter that in the "Be Dan Shaughnessy" contest. It was vintage CHB.

Jenny, glad Germany came back to beat those cheaters.

Ezra said...

The line that's most out of the Write Like Shaughnessy contest is
"As the late, great Ned Martin used to say . . . 'Mercy.'"

As if a one word quotation really deserved a citation...

Objectivebruce said...

'one word quotation really deserved a citation'

What an insipid comment. Ned Martin's use of 'Mercy' was for years the ultimate punctuation to something involving the Red Sox.

Now this journal of hate has inspired know-it-all brats to chime in on matters they know nothing about.

The Chief said...

It's remarkable how early you get up on a Sunday just to chime in on matters you know nothing about, Bruce.