Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Write Like Dan

Are the Globe editors as confused as Shaughnessy is? His latest "picked up pieces" column is filed under GOLF.

Not much here...just the usual tripe: Dan hates soccer, Mark Cuban and Gary Glitter, and loves Tom Verducci, Jeff Samardzija and Stephen Stills. Whoopee!

In anticipation of the return of Pedro Martinez to Boston, Bruce Allen at Boston Sports Media Watch is offering a "Write like Shaughnessy" contest. I'd highly recommend it. But first, borrow a friend's motorcycle and ride it, helmutless, into a concrete wall. Next, get really, really drunk. Then write your column.

On another note, jenny when you get a moment drop me a line at


jenny said...

Dropped you a line, Chief.

dbvader said...

His soccer attacks are tired and empty. If you don't like soccer, please explain why, rather than making silly, hyperbolic statements that offer no analysis. The whole world seems to understand stoppage time, but it is beyond CHB.

Other points:
Buckner already came back to Boston and he received a standing O. Opening day 1990.

Dan implicitly supports the idea that Len was a saint and his death destroyed the Celtics. Why? The defending champions were ruined by not having a potential rookie drug abuser on a team of veterans. Of course, the Celtics would have drafted the greatest player ever.

dbvader said...

A few other points:
The Glitter comment is old news. People were talking about the use of the song last fall after he was arrested. And he was not "just sentenced." He was sentenced in March and his appeal was recently denied.

Comparing Chuck Waseleski to Bill James is like comparing my niece's finger painting to a Picasso. Most of Waseleski's stats are meaningless junk.