Monday, March 27, 2006

Off and On

It's a curious thing: The CHB writes several days in a row, then disappears for long stretches.

In the past two weeks, for example, he was off March 16-18, then issued (the best phrase for his mechanical, ho-hum style) four missives in a row (three on the World Baseball Classic),the last of which ran March 22, then hasn't published anything since.

One wonders why the Globe doesn't space his columns so as to avoid the slapdash inanity that spawned this blog.

One further wonders why the Globe doesn't simply can his sorry ass and hire someone who can juggle the apparently enormous task of 1) writing crisp, clear prose while 2) getting his facts straight.


jenny said...

You aren't complaining, are you? I mean, I know it means you have nothing to analyze, but every day he doesn't publish is a day we can get an actual column like Joan Venocchi's column this morning, which I found quite humorous. She actually should have mentioned CHB in there, but I guess she wasn't allowed to; fascinating treatise on the relationship between the Sox, the Globe, and WEEI, which basically comes to the conclusion that the Sox are trying to dump WEEI because Lucchino is still mad at them over the whole Theo fiasco.

Come to think of it, leaving CHB out of that really missed a lot.

The Chief said...

No, not complaining. A little perplexed, maybe. But that's an occupational hazard: reading so much Shaughnessy scrambles your brain.

Anonymous said...

I saw The CHB weaving his magic on the ESPN show "Jim Rome is Burning", the perfect venue for a hack with very little to say but a lot of time and ink to say it. I'm sure the trip to LA is why we have been denied is wisdom and prose.

The Chief said...

One guy who can barely spell "Rome" interviewing aother guy who can't spell it at all.

Must have been quite a show.

michael said...

Interesting that Bruce takes a few days off at the same time.

dbvader said...

I heard CHB on Felger's show and he sounded rational and was able to make valid points and support them with facts. No snide personal comments at all. The exact opposite of his column persona.

Anonymous said...

I like Bill Simmons and his columns are irregular, I think once you hit a certain status, you get to write when you want to. I won't take issue with that. In Simmons' case, I'd like more, CHB I could do with less.