Monday, March 06, 2006

Hang 10

Say it ain't so.

The CHB is headed South for 10 more days, he warns in his Sunday column. God save us all. Here's hoping he pulls over to pee at a South Carolina rest area.

Other than that, Sunday's column was more Baseball Notes than anything else. We are treated to anecdotes about the offspring of Mike Greenwell and coach Brad Mills, and shots at Pedro Martinez and Johnny Damon. Yawn.

And there's this: "We get to see Nomar Garciaparra playing first base when the Sox go to Vero Beach Thursday. Nomar has a good teacher. He's been getting lessons from Eddie Murray, who played more games at first base (2,413) than anyone else in the history of baseball."

Nice piece of trivia, but Dan's recall, well, sucks. Eddie Murray pulled absolute rocks at first. Here's a guy who made 19 errors one season, 18 another, and had six straight years of 10 or more errors. Nomar would be better off with Bill Murray as an instructor.

Hall watch: Interesting that Shaughnessy spends three columns on Jim Rice's Hall of Fame worthiness (even if they were for the most part the same work -- nearly verbatim -- he has been trotting out for years), yet it is left to Gordon Edes to make the case for an much bigger omission: Buck Weaver.

EDIT: That should be Buck O'Neil. It was the desk's fault.


michael said...

You mean Buck O'Neil, right? I liked John Cusack's performance in "Eight Men Out" too, but I don't think it's Cooperstown-worthy.

Anyway, just blame it on a copy-editing error. That's what a pro would do.

The Chief said...

You are right, of course.

jenny said...

I'm quite sure that when (there is no if here, people) Dan approaches David Wells about rescinding his trade demand, he'll demand to be traded again. For the good of the team, someone should stick a GPS device in Dan's hair so his movements can be tracked and he can be carefully avoided. He never combs it, so there's no danger of detection.

Sally said...

Facts should never get in the way of CHB's know that by now!

objectivebruce said...


The Chief said...

I see you slept in today, Dan.

Beth said...

i actually read that column sunday out of morbid curiosity.

i could have written that effing thing. not a single original quote, not a single idea that hasn't already been all over the internet for days and days. not a single scoop or behind the scenes piece of information. a complete waste of time, space and most importantly money. what the f is this guy getting paid for anyway?