Thursday, March 30, 2006

Driving Nostalgia Lane

After a long break, he's back. But those hoping The CHB spent his week away researching something, anything, are sure to be disappointed with his revelation today that UCLA basketball has a long tradition.

And could the CHB make it through an entire column on tradition without mention of the Yankees, Canadiens and Celtics? Of course not: "They were the New York Yankees and Montreal Canadiens of college basketball. They were collegiate cousins to the Boston Celtics."

Good old Dan. Where we would be without him and his fanciful drives down nostalgia lane?

Name drop watch: "After last Saturday's regional final victory over John Calipari's Memphis team, [Bill] Walton sent me an e-mail ... ."


jk9898 said...

Sounds like you're ripping him just for the sake of ripping him today. I dislike his columns as much as the next guy, but what did he really do wrong here? The name-dropping was weak, as I'm sure that he was one of about 500 media members that E-mail was sent to, but that's nothing new with Dan. Would you rather he wrote the 3 millionth column on George Mason this week?

The Chief said...

Rip might be too strong of a word. But using your example, instead of writing the 3 millionth column on George Mason, he writes the 3 millionth column on UCLA's great baseketball tradition.

This is mediocrity at its finest. It's not that he did anything wrong so much as it's just another mail-it-in job.

jk9898 said...

Maybe my standards have just become too low with him. With all the crap he writes, I guess I consider a standard mail-it-in job some of his better work. :)

Great website, BTW.

troywestfield said...

I am feeling the chief here. I can't explain why, but there is something odious about the tired comparisons like the Yankees/Celtics-of-the-NCAA comment. If I had to put my finger on it, I'd say 1) It's so incredibly lazy, by which I mean we see it in so many columns of his, leading into 2) Can't you practically see him counting the words? "... 749 ... 750 ... sheesh. I need more. Hmmm ... 'They are the NCAA's version of the Boston Celtics of the NBA, the Yankees of MLB, the Canadiens in the NHL, Ben Howland playing the role of Red Auerbach ...' no! (Deletes.) 'Ben Howland is no Red Auerbach, but ...' Yeah. That oughta do it."

Anyway, it's not as bad as many of his other sins, as jk9898 implied, but it's still worth picking on in this forum, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

chief, if you ever want to get real nostalgic, go to the Globe archives and dig up the whining column CHB wrote a few years ago when the Red Sox announced the media had to pay for the meals in the press box. Poor little sportswriters, actually have to pay for their own dinner.

jenny said...

After this offseason of columns, I bet the price for CHB's personal meal just jumped about $20.

As far as name-dropping, I can tolerate it only in the following contexts:

"Got an e-mail from John Henry this evening. It contained a virus."

"I asked Belichick about the Patriots' offseason in a phone call on Friday and he hung up on me."

"Spoke with Larry Lucchino personally today, but unfortunately got cut off when his secretary told me Theo was having my car impounded."

Agree totally with the comments re: laziness. The guy publishes columns that he just rips out of his own book. Doesn't he need to cite himself or something?