Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Once In A Blue Moon

The day before the Boston Celtics exercise the third overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft, we witness a very, very unusual event - a decent column by Shank:
At times like this we need Red Auerbach.

Red always knew what to do. Red was thinking at a higher level than the other guys. Red knew how to pick the pockets of the other general managers. Red knew how to get a better player with a lower selection.

As we sit here on the threshold of the 2016 NBA Draft — with the Celtics in need of help and holding the third overall pick — it is comforting that we have Red’s basketball progeny calling the shots.

Danny Ainge is Red Auerbach’s basketball son.
A bit of a stretch, but Shank does a good job explaining why in the rest of the column.

This part stood out for me:
Still, Red was bloodless, a forefather of the Bill Belichick method.
So in Shank's eyes - Red = good; Bill = bad.

The first comment sums up the column nicely:
OK, what have you done with Dan! Who really wrote this...

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