Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Just Do It?

Shank's not impressed with the recent drafts by the Celtics and Bruins:
Our winter sports teams are taking the prudent, patient path in their efforts to return to championship level. And it’s driving me crazy. I keep hearing thoughtful, measured analysis of the Celtics’ and Bruins’ drafts and their shared reluctance to mortgage their futures.

Count me out.

I say, “Go Big or Go Home.”

Make a splash. No more talk about “assets.’’ Get some proven players. Durant. Butler. Cousins. Stamkos. Subban.

Get them all! Why let a little thing like the salary cap get in the way? And does Shank really want the Celtics to sign a known head case like DeMarcus Cousins? He'll trash whatever chemistry this Celtics team has.
I know this is the kind of overreaction that prompted the Red Sox to sign Pablo Sandoval to a $95 million contract after the Panda’s Giants won the World Series while the Sox were finishing last in 2014. I don’t care.
And you remember who was the biggest cheerleader in Boston for that trade, don't you? How'd that work out, Shank?

He's right - he doesn't care. Just sign, sign, sign those players, and when one of those signings turns to shit, Shank will write a column or two second-guessing that signing, because it's a no-lose situation for him.

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