Friday, June 10, 2016

Compare And Contrast

Shank, after David Price's first 2016 loss:
NEW YORK — OK, you are officially allowed to hit the panic button on David Price.

We were holding off before Saturday. Price was, after all, 4-0, and there just seemed to be a few bad innings here and there. His career body of work, his poise, and the notion that we were dealing with a small sample were ample reason to hold hysteria at bay.

Not now. Price at this hour is in full Carl Crawford mode.
Shank, after David Price's latest loss (video at link):
Dan Shaughnessy explains why he is not ready to start getting down on David Price just yet until he sees a full season of him struggling.
Shank seems like the kind of guy who has trouble deciding on what to order at a restaurant.

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