Sunday, May 08, 2016

Panic Button Engaged

Shank on David Price, December 2, 2015:
Nitwits and analytic overthinkers will immediately fret about how the Sox will not be getting commensurate value three, four, or five years from now.

Who cares? Seriously. Why quarrel with what the Red Sox will be paying Price if he ultimately gets hurt or falters in the final years of this contract?
Shank on David Price, after yesterday's loss to the New York Yankees:
NEW YORK — OK, you are officially allowed to hit the panic button on David Price.

We were holding off before Saturday. Price was, after all, 4-0, and there just seemed to be a few bad innings here and there. His career body of work, his poise, and the notion that we were dealing with a small sample were ample reason to hold hysteria at bay.

Not now. Price at this hour is in full Carl Crawford mode.

Crawford, of course, was the wildly talented Tampa Bay Ray who tortured the Red Sox for multiple seasons, then came to Boston and melted into a puddle of fear, paranoia, and insecurity. A prominent member of the Sox management team observed, “When he played against us — we hated him. When he played for us — we hated him.’’

And now there is David Price, the 30-year-old southpaw who has dominated American League batters since he left Vanderbilt and smothered the Terry Francona Red Sox in the seventh game of the American League Championship Series in 2008.
It takes a special kind of asshole to hang the Carl Crawford tag on someone six weeks into his tenure with the Sox and to half-bury a pitcher with a 4 - 1 record.
Acknowledging that the season is still very young, the Sox must be a tad concerned about their investment.
So now you're concerned about the size of the contract? Typical Shank - kissing his ass when they signed him, wildly overreacting after his first loss as a member of the Red Sox.

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