Monday, May 09, 2016

Panic Button Disengaged? - II

Shank follows up his earlier Sunday tweets about David Price being made aware of a problem with his pitching mechanics:
NEW YORK — David Price says he’s got it all figured out. Dustin Pedroia went up to Price in the visitors’ clubhouse at Yankee Stadium Sunday afternoon and showed Price a photo of his delivery from past seasons versus a photo of Price now. Price looked at the photos and noticed a difference in the positions of his arms and lift leg.

“It’s an easy fix,’’ the lefthander said.

He said he’ll work on the mechanical problem when he throws a bullpen session at Fenway Park before Monday night’s game against Oakland. Price is scheduled to start Thursday at home against the Astros and he’ll be trying to get back on track after seven uneven starts in which he’s blown four leads and compiled a staggering ERA of 6.75.

“I put myself in this situation,’’ Price said. “I can’t be upset about it. I’ve got to block all that stuff out. This has been, hands down, the worst I’ve thrown a baseball over a seven-game stretch. To me, it can only get better.
Further improvement would involve not talking to Shank.

Memo to David Price - if Shank was around sixty years ago, he would have tried to run Ted Williams out of town, as he did with Nomar Garciaparra, Josh Beckett and Jon Lester (double play!), Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens and David Ortiz (another double play!), Curt Schilling and seemingly countless others. His sole purpose(s) in life are to make you miserable, stab you in the back and fuck you over. Just ask Kirk Minihane. Don't give this S.O.B. an inch.

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