Friday, May 01, 2015

The Obligatory A-Rod Column

Alex Rodriguez & the New York Yankees are coming to town this weekend, so we get an A-Rod column from Shank, natch:
Awkward Personified comes to Fenway this weekend.

Alex Rodriguez — the one you’ve despised all these years — makes his return to Boston for a three-game series starting Friday night, and A-Rod has a shot to tie Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time home runs list.

Rodriguez has 659 career homers. Mays hit 660. There are no words to express how wrong this feels.

What do you think, Dr. Charles Steinberg? Are the Red Sox going to feature a video montage of A-Rod’s greatest moments as he rounds the bases to the tune of “Times of Your Life’’ after tying the Say Hey Kid? Perhaps the Sox’ well-known choreographer could produce Terry Cashman singing, “Willie, Mickey and the Duke.’’

And what are Fenway fans to do? Other than boo?
Well, they're in the right ballpark for that!

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