Wednesday, May 20, 2015

'Madness in the Spring'

Yesterday it was, could Bob Kraft be assembling a commissioner coup? Today it's "Bob wimped out."

To recap:
  • The CHB believes the Patriots cheated and then lied about it.
  • The CHB believes the Patriots had its punishment coming if for no other reason they have been guilty of the crime of "arrogance" (which in CHB talk is the same as "winning").
  • The CHB believes writing the same column seven or eight times in a row will somehow change people's minds, or not, because we, too, are "arrogant."
Given that the NFL rules don't allow appeals from ownership, the smart thing for Kraft was to concede, so naturally The CHB sees this as a sign of weakness, even though he thinks they are as guilty as OJ.

What I found comical is that Shank has spent multiple columns on the Deflategate story over multiple days in San Francisco and has yet to land an interview with a Patriots player or employee.

There's also this odd Jethro Tull reference thrown in ("Patriot fans spitting out pieces of their broken luck," which is funny in that if anyone has less need for an aqualung, it's The CHB, who is already full of air (and probably has spent more than one afternoon in a boozy haze sitting on a park bench with snot running down his nose).

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Monkeesfan said...

And of course Shank won't know what Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports and Sally Jenkins at the Washington Post have noted - that there was no cheating by the Patriots, that the entire thing was made up by the Colts (who leaked the first accusation), ESPN (the false Chris Mortenson story), and Roger Goodell, who instead of correcting the record chose to punish the Patriots via an underling's sham "investigation."