Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wish Finally Granted

The bad news - the Bruins lost game 7 to the Canadiens, 3-1.

The good news? It's Shank's last hockey column for months and months!

This point cannot be stressed enough: when a local team loses, Shank puts forth far more effort and verbiage into his columns. I think it's equivalent to shoveling more dirt on the grave to make sure the dead guy's good and buried.
OK to melt the ice at the New Garden before Thursday night’s Barry Gibb show. Perhaps the surviving Bee Gee can dedicate “Tragedy” or “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?” to the 2013-14 Bruins.

The Bruins dissolved in front of our eyes in Game 7 Wednesday night. They were dominated by the Montreal Canadiens, 3-1.


This one goes into the Boston Professional Sports Hall of Pain, right there with Ken Dryden stuffing the Bruins in 1971 and too many men on the ice in 1979. It goes in there alongside some of the Red Sox collapses of the last century.
And who better to escort the 2013-2014 Bruins to that Hall of Pain than our very own Nabob of Negativity, Dan Shaughnessy?


DannYRoach said...

Dan's strong suit (if he has one, besides self-promotion) has always been history?

That '71 Canadiens team was LOADED with future HOF'ers from top to bottom.

The '79 team went on to win their 4th cup in a row and their 5th of the previous 7 years and was stacked with HOF'ers.

Too many men on the ice wasn't the reason, the refs called a bogus hooking call on Jean Ratelle (6 penalties all year) with 10 minutes to go and Montreal cut the lead to 3-2.

What's a bigger collapse, Bruins this year? Or the recent resale value of the Boston Globe?

Roger Bournival said...

I'll take Door Number Two, Marty!