Friday, May 09, 2014

I'm Shocked!

Shocker # 1 - Bruins beat the Canadiens, 1 - 0, in overtime last night.

Shocker # 2 - Shank does a column on a Bruins win.
MONTREAL — Matt Fraser was standing in the hallway, shoeless, skateless, wearing the Bruins’ hero jacket, and still sweating from overtime. He said he’d had lunch at Chipotle in Providence Wednesday before he got the call to the Stanley Cup playoffs. He said he’d topped off lunch with some frozen yogurt. He thought back to his youth hockey days “playing in outdoor rinks in Canada.’’ He said he had to remember to call his parents. He said, “I’m still shaking with excitement.’’

The Bruins beat the Canadiens, 1-0, in overtime on a goal by Fraser off a scramble in front of the net 79 seconds into the fourth period of Game 4 Thursday. This spectacular series is now guaranteed to go at least six games and Fraser has secured a place in Boston sports lore.
It's a typical Shank type of column - focus on the outstanding player, give the standard game recap and make at least one inane comment:
If Norman Rockwell had dabbled in hockey, he’d have created Matt Fraser.

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