Friday, May 23, 2014

Mute Button Is On - II

The Red Sox have now lost seven games in a row, so you'd expect Shank to blow a gasket and pull a nutty on the team, its management as well as ownership, like he used to as recently as a year ago, right?

Maybe the 2014 Red Sox just aren’t very good.

The free-falling Sox (ode to Tom Petty?) were routed at Fenway Park again Thursday and have now lost seven in a row. Ace Jon Lester tried to stop the bleeding in the late-afternoon series finale, but fell behind, 7-1, in the second inning of a 7-2 loss.

That’s three straight to the Blue Jays, after three straight Fenway losses to the Tigers as the Sox were blanked in a homestand of six or more games for the first time since Daddy Butch Hobson was at the wheel in the rotten old days of 1994.
In previous years, Shank would ream everybody in the Red Sox organization, including the grounds crew. This time around? It's pretty much the team's fault for not being very good.

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