Monday, May 19, 2014

Nabob Of Negativity Expected

The Boston Red Sox have just been swept in a three game home series by the Detroit Tigers this weekend. Dan Shulman of ESPN mentioned during the game that this is the Red Sox's first four game losing streak since 2012 and the first sweep by Detroit of the Red Sox in a home series since 1983, the year after I got out of high school.

Under normal circumstances, Shank would be at Defcon Fucking 1 with his next Red Sox column, which ought to hit the shelves any moment now, allowing him the opportunity to take a massive steaming shit on the Red Sox's performance so far this year. Since the most recent majority owner of the Red Sox is John Henry, who also just happens to be Shank's employer, the Boston Globe, does anyone out there think Shank will bite the Marcellus Wallace ball gag of criticism with the recent Red Sox's performance?

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