Friday, April 06, 2012

Glass Half Empty - II

The Detroit Tigers won yesterday's Opening Day game by a score of 3 -2. In a fashion that should surprise no one, Shank made many, many comparisons to last year's Red Sox team, and I have no doubt whatsoever this will be the main theme every time he writes about a Red Sox loss. I was actually having a flashback to Game Six of the 1986 World Series when I was reading this column.

In typical Shank fashion, only he can describe the outcome thusly:
And that is precisely how a Tigers win became a Red Sox loss.
Stolen from the comments section (re: Shank's use of decades old song lyrics - "Wearing road grays, they jogged off the field, spitting out pieces of their broken luck after a one-out, walkoff RBI single to left field."):
Dan- Ian Anderson called, he wants a (royalty) check.
If the Red Sox lose the next two games, it will be fun to watch Shank blow a head gasket.

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