Thursday, April 05, 2012

Expect The Unexpected

Shank musters the energy to write his first column in a week about the prospects for the 2012 Boston Red Sox. As any 'fan' of Shank knows, such columns are full of the trademark cheery optimism that he's renowned for the world over.
DETROIT — I We traditionally overrate the Red Sox. They have the best lineup. They have too much pitching. They have great ownership. They have dedicated fans and a cozy, celebrity ballpark. This is the year. Best Team Ever. Leave calendars open for October. Strawberry Fields Forever.
Shank obviously doesn't listen to WFNX...
Not this year. No one is picking the Red Sox to win. The Sox are careening down the dugout steps and they haven’t even played a game yet. The Red Sox this year are underdogs, hiding in the weeds while all the attention is focused on American League teams from New York, Detroit, Anaheim, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Tampa Bay.
From there, he goes on to chronicle the Sox' 2011 collapse, which by my count is the 200th time he's done so since October 1, 2011. We are deprived of a 'chicken and beer' mention, perhaps because he's used up the quota for the year.

Just remember the Reverse Shank Curse - last year he was helping to hype the 2011 Red Sox as the best team EVAH! and the Sox wound up missing the playoffs. With that in mind, the Sox should be a lock to make the playoffs this year.

P.S. - does Shank start ripping Bobby Valentine with the first three-game losing streak? I think that's another lock.

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