Wednesday, May 04, 2011

White Heat

The Boston Celtics are down, two games to none, to the Miami Heat in the NBA's Eastern Conference semifinals. It's a great time for Shank to bury the Celtics.
MIAMI — I hate to say it, but this looks very much like the passing of the torch in NBA East.
How do you really know Shank has given up on a local sports team?
Your Boston Celtics have been as signed the job of upholding truth, justice, and the American way of team success.
At least we have the comfort of Shank's shaky track record on predictions, so we got that going for us...


Anonymous said...

Again Shank has no clue regarding the dynamics at play in an athletic competition.

I watched the games and it seems that the Celtics need a strategy adjustment:

1. Let Rondo run wild. The half court sets allow Miami to apply d-pressure.

2. Harass Bosh, he does not have the fortitude

3. Get Green involved. Make him a primary. Have Pierce be an inspirational leader under the boards/defense.

4. When they are on D make LeBron and Wade chase ... don't run plays that allow them to leave their assignment to apply Double Team

Bottom line ... Celtics half-court offense plays into Miami's youthful defensive swarms.

Time to Change the Game. Let the next generation Celtics (Rondo, Green, Davis, West, etc.) run a little wildness back into this series. LeBron and Wade will then feel the Heat. Have Our Big Three finish the game, not run the game.

That's what I saw on TV ... instead Shank reports his negative rants ... and got paid for it?


Monkeesfan said...

Let's hope Shank doesn't start talking about "YOUR Boston Bruins" - the Curse Of The Shankino must die.