Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pond Hockey Warriors?

I'm not sure where Shank gets all of his cheap, stupid cliches, but they're all present in this lame, lame column.
This is the reward for those who have waited; all you pond hockey warriors, mayors of Hockeytown, and folks who lived through too many men on the ice and last spring’s epic fold against the Flyers.
Anyone want to invest in Nathan Horton’s Donuts?
There has to be a way for Mayor Tom Menino to take credit for this High Renaissance of Boston sports.
Hub Hockey Krishnas have schooled their young on a 39-year Cup drought, which is encroaching on territory formerly occupied by citizens of Red Sox Nation.
And what Shank hockey article is complete with a baseball reference?
It was perhaps the best dual shutout since Warren Spahn and Juan Marichal went 16 innings in 1963.
Dan Shaughnessy - redefining awful...

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Monkeesfan said...

Shank Shaughnessy sucking in his writing? There's a newsflash.