Monday, December 07, 2009

Slipping Away

Fresh off a short vacation / assignment to Miami, today's Shank column recaps the Patriot's woes over the past week. Maybe what the Patriots need is a recently available offensive coordinator?


Anonymous said...

more obligatory shots at kraft et al
I bet shank was chomping at but to return from vacation to this

Monkeesfan said...

No, the Patriots don't need Charlie Weis. They need to ride this out.

BTW, congrats to Tom and Gisele - maybe this baby should be named McNair or Delhomme, since Brady babies are always conceived and arrive whenever the Patriots play the Titans and the Panthers.

Monkeesfan said...

Typical Shank second-guessing -

"...the deal that sent Richard Seymour to Oakland...." Seymour is making zero difference for the Raiders and phoned it in during the preseason; the idea that the Patriots are worse off without Seymour is foolishness.

"The Patriots have no running game." It's a passing game; give it up on the myth of establishing the run, Shank.

Shank's shot at Belichick fighting to convert fourth-downs typifies Dan's mystifying lack of understanding of football and how the game has changed, which requires teams eschewing the punt and instead fighting to keep the ball (BTW Shank, you did notice the Saints converting fourth downs and/or pushing the ball for a touchdown when they were already in short field goal range against the Redskins, didn't you?). The Jim Nance and Ron Burton name-drops further illustrate this.

Shank, as usual, has no answers, either. He identifies that there's a problem, but he offers no credible solution.

Paul said...

"It's a passing game; give it up on the myth of establishing the run, Shank."

So Adrian Petersen is a myth then? Teams can win with a potent running attack.

Monkeesfan said...

Paul - the Vikings were winning because - for a change - Brett Favre was throwing the ball very well. Once he started gunslinging against the Cardinals, the Vikings found there is no Arizona (See Shank, I can work music references into a sports post too!!!) and lost.

The Titans have a running back who will eclipse 2,000 yards if he hasn't already, but they didn't start winning until they put in a quarterback who began throwing the ball well.