Friday, December 11, 2009

Dated Cartoon Metaphor Column

Finishing off an awesome one - two combination of back-to-back columns, Shank empties the rest of his bladder in Gillette Stadium. Adalius Thomas is bitching because he and three other Patriots were sent home during Wednesday's vicious snowstorm, and Shank quotes him with great enthusiasm while making comparisons to a cartoon show that hasn't run on network television in thirty years.

Lameness aside, Shank has another shield for which to take shots at Belichick, and otherwise cites several concerns with the rest of the team. He seems to forget, or conveniently omits, that Thomas has been in the doghouse all year and many people think he's one of the problems (dogging it, etc.) during the games.

Overall Shank effort today - good subject manner matter, shaky execution, poor choice of comparisons.


Paul said...

Let's find the cartoon equivalents of the Globe Sports writing staff!

CHB - Snidley Whiplash
Tony Mazz - Muttley
Bob Ryan - Magilla Gorilla
Amalie Benjamin - Polly Purebred
Gasper - Mighty Mouse

Anonymous said...

I always thought Shank resembled, "Bozo The Clown".....I'm tellin' ya, put a pair of floppy shoes on him and their TWINS!

Anonymous said...

Shank shows how removed he is from reality.

I was stuck in traffic due to the snowstorm. I was late for my meeting. We dealt with it professionally.

Paul - you are right - "shanky" execution and poor choice of comparison.

If the Shank lived a "working mans" life he could then relate.

For this article, it seems he must have been "stroking" his fingers from home, on the couch and in front of the blazing fireplace.

The Shank should watch the movie "How to lose friends and alienate people" - it's about a British writer struggling to fit in at a high-profile magazine. Perhaps he can relate to that reality instead of what football players have to deal with.


Monkeesfan said...

As usual Shank wants to overanalyze and make it out to be worse than it is - he wants us to feel Belichick is losing the locker room when in fact he's simply reminding Thomas who's in charge. He also needs to look at the replay of the INT in the Miami endzone - Moss had zero chance of stopping it. "They've lost too much leadership and too much talent." It's a myth, Shank. This is 2002 and 2005 all over again.

Monkeesfan said...

BTW, with Shank tossing around 1960s cartoon references, how come he hasn't mentioned Speed Racer?