Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back On The Bandwagon

Today's Boston Globe column by Shank has the title "Getting ahead of ourselves", a title chock full of irony. It was only three weeks ago when Shank was shoveling dirt on the Patriot's coffin, but today he offers a much rosier picture of the Patriot's playoff 'tournament' chances.

I can't say this column was well thought out on a few levels. He ignores the upcoming game against the Houston Texans and assumes the Pats will win the first round playoff game, then mulls over the preferred team for the Pats to play in the second round, all the while using the royal 'we' when making these assumptions, like everyone agrees with him. He concludes the column by stating the Pats are the team that nobody wants to play come January. Three weeks ago he says the Pats will 'probably' make the playoffs, yet we're now led to believe the first round playoff game's a sure thing? Amazing what a few wins will do to change one's perspective.

Let's hope the Pats avoid the Curse of the Shank.


Bill said...

Shank needs to do a little better research:

So we sit here waiting for the tournament draw and wonder whether the Patriots can make a run. Their postgame comportment was encouraging Sunday after clinching the pathetic AFC East yet again. None of the players sprayed champagne, wore a 12-pack box on their head, or danced to “I’m Shipping Up to Boston.’’ The focus was on the future. They reminded us that the job is not done. It was all very Patriotlike.

Um, Danny Boy, the NFL has a no alcohol in the locker room policy.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing with this Shank "positive" collumn as I do with the negative ones.....I wiped my ass with it

Monkeesfan said...

Uh, I think the Curse Of Shank just struck with Wes Welker's career-threatening knee injury.